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Ms. Unhee Kim
Founder of EEI Corp.
301-828-6248 ukim@eeicorp.com
Ms. Kim is an entrepreneur and a business development expert with demonstrated experience in EHS with State Government, manufacturing facility and consulting. She is an Environmental and Safety Expert with management experience in compliance auditing for overseas operations. For the past 25+ years she brought in over 70 US Fortune 500 clients to EEI.
She started her career as a Certified Industrial Hygienist during the peak era of hazardous waste management and landfill closure days of 80’s which provided the hands-on experience out in the field. At Hoechst Celanese she established a full blown industrial hygiene and safety program. Ten years later, she was at Dept. of Energy, as the environmental regulatory analyst reviewing dual requirements for nuclear and environmental issues. Since 1995, when she found EEI, she started with overseas operations which resulted in the creation of the global network of local experts as well as knowledge base of country-specific regulatory framework. She brought in numerous Fortune 500 company clients all on her own through her demonstrated field work and her expertise in audit program management.
During her auditing days, she authored an audit book titled “Environmental and Safety Auditing: Program Strategies for Legal, International and Financial Issues”, (1996). She has provided support to many Fortune 1000 companies with their global audit program, through audit services and protocols. She is familiar with the various types of audit programs that exist at many of her client companies. She understands the issues with each type of program.
She is also well versed in EHS IT solutions and provided the user specifications for (1) an Industrial Hygiene software and (2) an Environmental and Safety auditing software while she was with Essentech in this function.  She comes with an immensely wide range of experiences and skills.  She has proved herself in many ways over the last 25 plus years.
After a brief time with Tracor, Inc. where she managed the Environmental and Industrial Hygiene Department, where she turned the $2 million department doing low end services to a much larger business with the addition of high end services, ie auditing services, she left the company to write her audit book and then to start her own EHS service business with a flat world management concept. While she was doing an exchange program through the US Asia Environmental Partnership program, that placed her at Samsung Global Environmental Center at the main headquarter office, advising on their audit program, it was here that she developed her concept for a flat work management style and developed EEI Global Network from the early 1990’s.
The growth of EEI has been mainly through word of mouth. Thus EEI has no debt. EEI focus is to provide value service and solve problem, not so focused on growth but focus more on a solid foundation.