EHS Services International and Domestic

Through EEI global network and EEI partners, EEI is the Single Source Provider for all the services listed below.

A. Environmental Services

  1. Global ESH Audit Services (Country Specific Compliance, Management System)
  2. Regulatory Support and Legal Advisory Support
  3. Program Review, Gap Analysis and Implementation
  4. EU Legislation – RoHS, WEEE, GHS compliance
  5. Air Permitting and Emissions Monitoring
  6. Solid & Hazardous Waste Compliance
  7. Toxic Chemical Registration and Exemption Filing for Importation

B. Occupational Health and Safety Regulatory Compliance Audits

  1. Safety
  2. Industrial Hygiene
  3. Occupational Health

C. EHS Audit Protocols

  1. English Only
  2. Bilingual Versions for Certain Countries (Korea, Japan, China, Thailand, etc.)
  3. Multiple Regions for China, Brazil, Belgium (languages), Australia, Canada, etc.

D. Staff Augmentation for ESH

  1. US operations
  2. Global operations

E. Industrial Hygiene

  1. Corporate-wide sampling strategy for Legal Defense, and Exposure Assessments
  2. Sampling and Analysis of hazardous substances
  3. Ergonomics
  4. Laboratory Safety and Bio safety
  5. Safety Management and Loss Control
  6. Occupational Epidemiology

F. Process Safety Management (PSM)

  1. Haz-operability studies
  2. “What- if” Analysis
  3. Quantitative risk assessment

G. Solid Toxic, and Hazardous Waste Management

  1. Emergency Spill Control and Spill Prevention
  2. Hazardous Materials Survey and Characterization
  3. Waste Management Plan (WMP) and Waste Reduction and Recycling
  4. Application of new technology on solid and hazardous waste management

H. Training Program in ESH and Security – EEI has discontinued most of training as web training solutions are highly effective and easily available. However, ESH training in different languages and for overseas operations are provided by EEI Global Network of professional.