EEI provides global, environmental, and safety services through EEI Global Network

Our capabilities range from Audits, Regulatory Protocols, Technology, Training, Translation, Toxic Chemical Registration/Regulatory Support, Industrial Hygiene, Occupational Health Services, and much more. With over 80 US Fortune 500 Companies already enjoying our global coverage and expertise, EEI continues to expand on the well-established network and strong foothold in various countries around the world.

EEI provides a wide range of Country Regulatory Compliance Protocols

Our QC managers work very closely with the EEI Global Network local subject matter experts in order to develop and update these auditor friendly tools on an annual basis. We provide bilingual protocols for select countries. Our protocols are also provided in multiple formats for our clients' convenience.

First and foremost is the ESH Audit Program

EEI maintains a Global Network of Local ESH experts with audit experience as well as program experience. They are involved in review of EEI Protocol development of the respective country protocol and utilize EEI Protocols during the audit. What makes the it all work efficiently is the corporate quality control program. A senior QC manager is the single point of contact for client and for all the auditors involved in every country. Consistency, timeliness, are only a few of the key features of our successful program. EEI is "the forerunner" of this type of FLAT WORLD management system with quality control oversight since 1995.


This is a sample of our China bilingual protocol for National Requirements made up of  the first few pages of Book 1, 2 and 3 combined into one file. The Table of content of each book indicates the full content.


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EEI provides the most up-to-date information regarding environmental, health, and safety regulations as part of our TOTAL RISK MANAGEMENT SOLUTION for businesses around the globe. [The Data Management Segment of the Total Solution is usually the Client Corporate Program or a third-party program and EEI experts work with Clients to define the user functionalities and design specification of the software solution choice.]